#1 Reason She Won’t Have Sex With You

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she won't have sexEven though a girl may like you and think you’re a fun and attractive guy, that’s no guarantee that she’s going to hook up with you. To give you a better idea of why this is, I want to give you an analogy…

Have you ever gone to a car dealership with the intention of buying a car, found a car you really liked, but still ended up walking off the lot empty handed? Maybe the salesman was putting too much pressure on you to make the purchase, or maybe you had just a small fraction of doubt in your mind.

Whatever your reasoning was, the bottom line is that you wanted to purchase the car, but still ended up leaving the lot without buying it. And why didn’t you buy it? You didn’t buy it for the same reason girls are hesitant to hook up with you… The doubt in the back of their mind.

What if she hooks up with you and you turn into a creepy, possessive, clingy guy? Or what if the two of you have sex and you never talk to her again? This doubt is the #1 reason she won’t have sex with you.

So how do you work around this issue and get her to realize that hooking up with you WILL NOT be a huge mistake? Well, instead of me answering this question for you, I thought it would be better to let my friend Bobby Rio provide you with the solution in the form of a video.

Bobby is the co-creator of the newly launched training program called Unlock Her Legs: Unleash The Scrambler, and is also known all over the World for giving solid dating advice that actually works (he’s been teaching guys how to attract beautiful women for over 7 years now).

With that in mind, check out the Unlock Her Legs bonus video below and get a more thorough explanation of why she won’t have sex with you, and also how to remove this doubt from her mind…

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