3 Reasons a Girl Loses Interest

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girl loses interestI bet you’ve been there before…

You met a sexy, smart, perfect woman, and the two of you seemed to get along really well. She seemed into you and you were into her… But then a few days go by, maybe a few weeks, and you realize something has changed… You can feel it in your gut that she doesn’t like you anymore…

I won’t lie and say this has never happened to me before, because it has. In fact, it happened to me a few times… Because of this, I know first hand what it feels like when a girl loses interest in you. Granted, the last time this happened to me was quite a long time ago, but I still do remember how discouraging it was.

This brings up the question, what makes a girl lose interest in a guy she was previously interested in? Well, there are 3 main reasons why this happens, but for now I’ll just talk about one of the more obvious reasons… Neediness.

When you like a girl and you get the feeling that she likes you back, it’s very easy to fall into the trap of dropping your game and letting her know exactly how you feel about her. But here’s the thing… While expressing your feelings to a girl is what you usually want to do when you really like her, it’s definitely NOT something you should be doing when you haven’t known her for a very long time.

The reasoning behind this is that, when you tell a girl how you feel about her and you haven’t known her very long, it can actually put a lot of pressure on her and even flip her perspective of you… In her mind, you’ll change from that fun, cool, exciting guy who she originally liked, into that guy who’s starting to seem kind of needy. And as you’re probably well aware of, girls don’t like needy…

There’s also 2 other main reasons why a girl will lose interest in you, and to show you what they are, I’m going to let you watch a solid video from my friend Bobby Rio, co-creator of Unlock Her Legs: Unleash The Scrambler.

Bobby will give you a much more in-depth explanation of why displaying needy behavior is one of the worst things you can do when you’re interacting with a girl you like, and he also talks about the other 2 main reasons why girls lose interest in you.

So check out the Unlock Her Legs bonus video below and absorb the awesome advice that Bobby’s about to give you… Enjoy!

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