3 Reasons Why Girls Test You

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why girls test youIt’s no secret in the PUA community that sooner or later, women will put you through tests. The unfortunate thing is that most guys are completely unaware of these tests, and even those who are aware of them still fail miserably at times…

So what’s the key to passing these tests? To shed some light on this issue, I want to show you some of the main reasons why a girl will test you, so you can better understand how to pass with flying colors.

1) The first main test I’m going to mention is “trying too hard”. The thing is, when you’re trying too hard to impress a girl or to be the nice guy, girls will often wonder if you’re actually being yourself, or if you’re just putting on an act. And so, they will test you on this if they get the feeling that you’re being unauthentic with them.

2) The second main test is “neediness”. Girls will often test guys to figure out how clingy or needy they are when things don’t go their way. For example, you’ve been on a couple of dates with a girl you really like and the two of you are getting along great. When you’re away from her and you text her, she always replies right away with enthusiasm. But then all of a sudden she’s barely replying to your texts and cancelling your plans to meet up… You may be wondering, what the hell happened!?

The answer is that she’s probably putting you through a neediness test. And the best way to pass this test is to resist the urge to try to “win her back”. I know it seems counter-intuitive, but the best way to actually win her back at this point is to basically not try to win her back… By adapting this mindset, you’re proving to her that you’re not a needy/clingy guy.

There’s a third main reason why girls test you, but instead of telling you about it here, I thought I’d let my friends Bobby Rio and Rob Judge (co-creators of Unlock Her Legs: Unleash The Scrambler) explain it to you along with more in-depth explanations of the 2 main reasons I already mentioned. And to top it off, they’ll give you some awesome tips and strategies that you can use right away to hugely boost your success and get you passing these tests.

So check out the Unlock Her Legs bonus video below and learn the 3 main reasons why girls test you (and how to pass their tests!)…

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