The Best Way to Start A Text Conversation With A Girl You Like

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how to start a text conversation with a girlWhen it comes to texting a woman, there seems to be this common myth that most guys are led to believe, which is that you should start your conversation the same way that you would if you were there with her in person.

And not only is this myth very misleading, it can actually lower her attraction for you right from the get-go…

Let me explain.

I’m sure it comes as no surprise to you that you’re probably not the only one that she’s given her number to. And if you weren’t aware of this unfortunate fact, now you know.

You see, attractive women tend to get bombarded with messages from lots of guys every day. These messages could come from not only text messages, but also from social networks like Facebook, on dating sites, etc…

And the thing is, when you start a text conversation with a woman the same way as you would in person by saying something like “hey, how’s it going?” or “hey, what’s up?”, you’re not really doing a very good job of setting yourself apart from the rest of these guys she has texting/messaging her, which doesn’t make you stand out from the crowd…

In her eyes, you’re just like every other guy messaging her, and because of this, she won’t be nearly as attracted to or interested in you as she would be if you had made yourself stand out.

Not only that, but sending the regular, boring “hey what’s up?” kind of texts as your first message doesn’t really send out a fun vibe. It sends more of a stiff and formal kind of vibe, and you can probably guess that stiff and formal doesn’t = fun.

To provide some more clarity on this topic, I want to show you a great video from my friends Bobby Rio and Rob Judge, where they reveal the best way to start a text conversation with a girl you like.

Bobby and Rob have been giving solid dating and texting advice for over 7 years now, and together they have helped over 147,000 men learn how to attract the kind of women who may have previously seemed way out of their league.

So feel free to check out the video below to learn more of Bobby and Rob’s expertise on the topic of attracting women over text message…

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