When to Text a Girl

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when to text a girlFor some reason there’s always been this idea that you’re supposed to wait a certain amount of time before texting a girl after you get her number. And a lot of guys put a lot of emphasis on when to text a girl, but little do they know the emphasis should be on what to text a girl…

You can think about when you’re going to text her all you want, but no matter how long you decide to wait, if you send her a bland and boring first text that doesn’t spark any emotions, then the attraction she felt for you when she was giving you her number has already begun deteriorating.

Whereas if your main focus is on what to text her, it doesn’t matter how long you wait (within reason) before you send her a message because your well thought out, emotion-sparking first text will remind her of what a fun guy you are and why she gave you her number in the first place.

To give you an even better idea of why it’s so important to think in terms of “what to text a girl” rather than “when to text a girl”, I want to show you a video that was created by two very well-known dating coaches/PUA’s, a couple of guys named Bobby Rio and Rob Judge (co-creators of the very popular texting ebook Magnetic Messaging: Unleashing The Key Lock Sequence).

Bobby and Rob go into much more detail about why it’s so important for you to adapt this new mindset if you ever want to be able to master the art of attracting women over text.

So check out the Magnetic Messaging bonus video below and absorb what Bobby and Rob have to say…

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Already seen the Magnetic Messaging video? Check out our official Magnetic Messaging Review and get our honest opinions on the effectiveness of this in-depth guide to texting women…

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